Terms and Conditions


The utilization of Lcm.com.pk is bound by the TOU set by Lcm.com.pk Corporation. Inability to follow any of the stipulated terms in this understanding may result in the suspension or end of your record, and in a few cases legitimate activities whenever required.



  • 2.1 The Lcm.com.pk site is a web stage where clients can distribute and react to grouped advertisements. Clients are exclusively considered in charge of the substance they submit on Lcm.com.pk, just as any results that emerge from doing as such.
  • 2.2 Lcm.com.pk Corporation isn't associated with any exchange, contract as well as game plan that may happen between and among clients and outsiders. The finish of such exchanges, contracts as well as courses of action remain the matter of the clients and the outsider.



  • 3.1 The utilization of Lcm.com.pk Corporation's administrations is basically accessible for everybody. A client enlists on Lcm.com.pk by rounding out the gave online enrollment structure, and by doing as such swears that the data gave is precise and genuine. The enlistment advance is finished when the record ends up dynamic. The client is committed to quickly educate Lcm.com.pk Corporation of any progressions to their record data.
  • 3.2 The client may leave from this assention whenever. Sending an email to the Customer Support Team through the contact structure should get the job done. Lcm.com.pk Corporation maintains whatever authority is needed to an effortlessness time of 14 days before ending the understanding. Hindering a record remains the directly of Lcm.com.pk Corporation, as expressed in statement 4.3.
  • 3.3 A section on Lcm.com.pk, alluding to a grouped promotion, can just appear/be distributed online by means of the accompanying techniques:
  • Lcm.com.pk Corporation affirms the section through an email, or
  • Lcm.com.pk Corporation actualizes the massage and distributes it on the web.
  • 3.4 Lcm.com.pk Corporation maintains whatever authority is needed to decline a client's ordered advertisement section in specific situations. This applies when the substance of a characterized advertisement conflicts with this understanding, disregards laws and neighborhood expert controls, repudiates well meaning plans, ethics and traditions or when Lcm.com.pk Corporation is utilized for unacceptable purposes.
  • 3.5 Lcm.com.pk Corporation maintains all authority to erase the records of non-enrolled clients just as enlisted clients whose account(s) has/have been idle for as far back as a half year.



  • 4.1 The client is lawfully and exclusively in charge of the substance of the advertisement(s) set on the Lcm.com.pk site. The client is obliged to give total, genuine and affirmed right data about their individual, contact subtleties, business subtleties (if relevant) and must give adequate portrayals as to the promotion being put. The client consents to put their commercial under the right classification inside the site. The client is obliged to consent to the Lcm.com.pk TOU and is required to cling to these terms while connecting with different Lcm.com.pk clients. The situation of copy/comparable advertisements on the site is denied. Entrepreneurs offering things and administrations are obliged to advise customers about buyer rights and the privileges of withdrawal/crossing out, should this apply.
  • 4.2 The client isn't permitted to post content on the Lcm.com.pk site that ruptures this assention, appropriate rights as well as outsider rights.


Denials for the Lcm.com.pk client include:

  • Violating the law or conflicting with the Prohibited Policy
  • Conducting business in an unscrupulous as well as tricky way
  • Violating the privileges of the outsider
  • Spamming, posting junk letters, and putting promotions for staggered advertising ("MLM") and fraudulent business models
  • Using infection (es) and other specialized things that may make harm Lcm.com.pk or the enthusiasm of the clients of Lcm.com.pk
  • Causing over the top weight on the Lcm.com.pk framework and the smooth running activities of the Lcm.com.pk site
  • Copying, copying, changing or circulating the substance of different promotions
  • Collecting data from different clients, for example, email addresses from the site itself, or from different clients without the endorsement of the client
  • Bypassing measures that serve to restrain or potentially forestall access to Lcm.com.pk

4.3 Lcm.com.pk Corporation has the directly to square, erase or solidify ads that are regarded to contain precluded substance (allude to 4.2). Lcm.com.pk Corporation additionally has the directly to caution the client and stop their record for a specific timeframe or for all time and to leave from the understanding/contract. In this procedure Lcm.com.pk Corporation gives due appreciation to the genuine enthusiasm of the client. Clients' cases, for example for repayment for effectively paid things/administrations won't be respected when the Prohibited Content Policy is broken.



Lcm.com.pk clients are obliged to discharge Lcm.com.pk Corporation from any cases or claims presented by different Lcm.com.pk clients or outsiders who have been in at any rate influenced by a commercial's substance. Lcm.com.pk clients must shoulder any costs/claims emerging from claims coordinated at Lcm.com.pk Corporation , including all legitimate and juridical expenses.



  • 6.1 The utilization of the Lcm.com.pk site is basically for nothing out of pocket. In any case, Lcm.com.pk Corporation maintains whatever authority is needed to charge expenses for unique administrations and webpage includes just as the distribution of online ads under explicit/certain classes on the website.
  • 6.2 All expenses will be reflected and charged in the particular money for every nation. Lcm.com.pk Corporation maintains all authority to charge in different monetary forms for specialized reasons.
  • 6.3 Each and every expense will be expected for prompt installment and will be paid for/settled utilizing the distinctive strategies for installment offered on the site. Costs that may emerge from prematurely ending the installment gathering will be carried by the client and not Lcm.com.pk Corporation.
  • 6.4 The client will be educated about new solicitations by means of an email that gives a connection to the client's "My Lcm.com.pk" account. The invoice(s) would then be able to be downloaded from this page. Lcm.com.pk Corporation guarantees the assurance of the client by sending these messages just to the enrolled email address on Lcm.com.pk.
  • 6.5 in case of postponed installments for these administrations, Lcm.com.pk Corporation maintains all authority to suspend the execution of the said service(s) and limit the entrance of the client until the sum due has been paid.
  • 6.6 Lcm.com.pk Corporation maintains all authority to change/alter the charges for administrations assiciated with discretionary highlights on the site without earlier notice.



Lcm.com.pk clients may book extra highlights to their notices. Should the client erase the commercial before the booked time allotment has passed, this repudiates the directly of the client to hold or reuse whatever is left of the "unused" booked time. Lcm.com.pk Corporation does not repay the client for any segment of a limited element/administration.



Lcm.com.pk Corporation maintains all authority to republish advertisement(s) on Lcm.com.pk and on different sites claimed by Lcm.com.pk Corporation.



  • 9.1 The Lcm.com.pk client may whenever adjust or erase their commercial.
  • 9.2 The Lcm.com.pk client has the directly to request the expulsion or erasure of the client's very own promotions from the site. Lcm.com.pk Corporation will be prepared to consent to this demand promptly. Anyway because of specialized reasons, this generally takes a time of as long as 24 hours.



  • 10.1 The client concurs not to consider Lcm.com.pk Corporation in charge of things different clients post or do. As the majority of the substance on Lcm.com.pk originates from different clients, Lcm.com.pk Corporation does not ensure the precision of postings, client interchanges or the quality, security, or lawfulness of what's advertised. Consistent or secure access to Lcm.com.pk Corporation's administrations can't be guaranted. To the degree legitimately allowed Lcm.com.pk Corporation explicitly repudiates all guarantees, portrayals and conditions, express or suggested, including those of value, merchantability, merchantable quality, sturdiness, qualification for a specific reason and those emerging by rule. Lcm.com.pk Corporation isn't obligated for any misfortune, regardless of whether of cash (counting benefit), altruism, or notoriety, or any exceptional, aberrant, or important harms emerging from the use of the Lcm.com.pk site, regardless of whether Lcm.com.pk Corporation has been prompted or could have sensibly forseen the likelihood of any such harm happening. A few locales don't permit the disclaimer of guarantees or rejection of harms, so such disclaimers and avoidances may not have any significant bearing to the client.
  • 10.2 Despite the past section, if Lcm.com.pk Corporation is observed to be obligated, the risk to the client or any outsider (regardless of whether in contract, tort, carelessness, strict obligation in tort, by resolution or something else) is constrained to the more prominent of (a) the absolute charges the client paid to Lcm.com.pk Corporation in the a year before the activity offering ascend to obligation, or (b) 100 Euros.



  • 11.1 The exchange of rights and commitments of Lcm.com.pk clients to outsiders require the endorsement of Lcm.com.pk Corporation.
  • 11.2 The divulgence of sign in subtleties and passwords to outsiders, including Lcm.com.pk clients is precluded.
  • 11.3 If the client/client is a trader or a legitimate substance of open law or establishes unique subsidizing under open law, the spot of ward is settled upon to be in Islamabad, Pakistan.